Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing aka "Sofrono" is where I elaborate on the various elements of my Digital Overhaul Project and remind myself how each piece fits into this impossible puzzle.

I will try to write posts related to the tools listed on my wares page and how they are incorporated into my Meta-system. This list of software is constantly growing and changing so I will do my best to keep it updated as I give an overview of each item listed.

I have a running list of post ideas and topics in Standard Notes that I will use to draft my daily blogs. I plan to write primarily about how I incorporate minimalism into my digital workflows and the technology I use regularly. I will also cover current events insofar as they pertain to my primary interests and motivations.

My writing may steer off into cryptocurrencies and digital privacy as these are two of my biggest interests at the moment.

If you like my work and want to support me - please drop some coins to an address under thank.

If you like my work and can't support (or just want to message me) please leave a message in my guestbook or visit my about page to contact me in a variety of ways.